The Student Life Building to host innovative new MicroBiz Academy.

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Once you build a new, modern, state of the art building with lots of fantastic work space you need to fill it! Not just with basic courses or programs like "Introduction to Photoshop" or "How to get the most out of University". No. You need something that grabs your attention just as much as the architecture does.

Say hello to MICROBIZ.

Finally a program for University students that will make you feel like you are actually getting your moneys worth (or at least you might make a decent bit of it back!).

Microbiz is a fully funded support program to help you develop a business idea or 'side hustle' whilst you're studying at Teesside. It's a 16 week course that covers four phases of shaping an idea into a profitable business.

You'll benefit from workshops run by industry experts, access to marketing and business knowledge, a BizBuddy so you don't have to do it alone and much more.

That student loan takes quite a while to come in, and we all know how it's harder and harder to get a job these days. So a FREE program that helps you develop a business idea, make money and massively upgrade your CV? Almost sounds too good to be true.

Send us a message and take your first step to becoming a leader of tomorrow.

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